Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This is a quick post... Hope everyone's holiday was good!! Ours was great!! Kids had fun. We are off to Saskatoon tonight for the next 5 days to see George's sister and husband and their new baby girl Jaden!! She will be one week old when we get out there so can't wait to get my hands on her and spoil her. We are driving through the night so should be there in 8 hours. Will post when I get back!! Have a Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!!
Just wanted to wish everyone that celebrates Christmas a Merry Christmas. For those who celebrate Hanukkah.. Happy Hanukkah!! Hope everyone's holiday goes well!! That's it for now.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Love this picture of Jarret and Amy.. she was only 14 months old and he was 3!! I cant believe how fast they grow. This Christmas will be a lot different. She will get more involved and he REALLY knows what its all about. Just wanted to share this picture. Soooo cute.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy 1st Birthday Emma!!

Its my beautiful nieces birthday today. She is a big ONE YEAR today. I cant believe how fast this year has gone by. Her big party is tomorrow and I cant wait. Hope you have a good day today Emma!! Love you lots. Hugs and Kisses!!

On another note.. George and I are starting our Christmas shopping today!!! We haven't even stepped into a store yet. I pretty much know what to get the kids. Amy is super easy whatever is pink and girly she will be happy with. Jarret said anything is good.. he had a few things in mind but really nothing that he really wants.. Whets up with that? He's the only 6 year old I know that doesn't have a "wish list". I guess that would make it easy on the wallet. That's it for now. Have a good one!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

We are off to the doctors today for a follow up after Amy's allergic reaction from Monday. I have been a little nervous feeding her anything the last few days. I just don't know if she is allergic to anything else. We thought all was good with the nuts.. But boy were we wrong. It may just be a walnut allergy but just a little cautious now. I'm hoping we can get the allergy test done asap just because at Christmas a lot of food has different nuts in it.

So on another note.. George and I are heading to Saskatoon after Christmas because his sister is having a C Section and needs some help after the surgery. I cant believe that I actually got time off work to go. The schedule was already posted for the days I needed and considering its our busiest time of year too. But my TL is the best he did his thing.. Thanks Lance!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kelsey sent me a quiz so I thought it would be fun to do a short one..

Don't laugh.. I never know what to ask...
Yet another trip to Emergency with Amy.

Yes.. We again were at the emergency room with Amy. We were at WalMart picking up the kids pictures and *George was telling Amy to pull down her shirt. She was scratching herself on her belly. I bent down to see what was up and she had a bunch of white welts all over her. I thought that it looked like when she had chicken pocs. Then it was all over her neck and she was red all over. She was going crazy with the scratching. Earlier we were at *Georg's Aunts to see his cousins new baby. His Aunt has 2 cats and I thought she was having an allergic reaction to the cats. But my mom had a cat and she never reacted that way. Then *George realized that Amy had a bite of a cookie with Walnuts in them. Then I started to panic..(for those that don't know I DON'T handle emergencies well at all). So we decided we should get to the emergency room. She started to wheeze and cough. I was panicking.. And my poor Jarret started to panic. So George had a panicking 27 year old, a panicking 6 year old, and a 3 year old who was having an allergic reaction. We got to the Grace Hospital (because it is only about a 5 min drive) and they took her in right away. She had an Antihistamine shot in the arm then an Epi shot in her tummy. It took 3 pokes and George and I holding her down. The poor nurse got a kick in the face. Then she had Pediapred taken oraly. We got there at about 5:30pm and we couldn't leave until 10:00pm. They wanted her their for observation so she didn't have a relapse. My mom came at picked Jarret up and took him home. We left at about 10:15pm. We have to carry an Epipen with us at all times. I have one for my moms too. We also should have Benadryl on hand. Needless to say I have a very cranky girl on my hands this morning. She was up pretty early.

So that was our exciting trip to the Emergency Room. Anyone out there have nut allergies???

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I babysat Jake last night and was he ever a good boy!! I got there and we made twaklate cookies, and watched Twee House for a bit. Then it was time for bed. So mister went and picked out his PJ's and I told him to pick out a book. So he picked out 2 books. I was good with that so we headed to his room for story time. Well, the books he picked out I think were the longest books that that child owns. I guess he figures its Auntie and she is a sucker so she will read them to me. And of course he's right. The first book was Cat In The Hat. It was pretty much word for word from the movie. That took us about 1/2 an hour. Half way through he said that this was a long story and only I know how to read it. We finally finished the book and I told him that that one was long enough and its time for bed. Nope.. Jake said "pweese Auntie" for the other book.. so you guessed it I read it. It was sooooo cute!! He gave me a BIG LONG hug and kiss and that was that.. he was ready for sleep. I didnt hear from him after! Such a good boy. I would babysit him again in a heart beat!!

Kelsey came home from her dance. She sat with me and chatted about her night.. I asked how the music was she said it was ok.. they played "old" music. I asked how old it was she said from 2000!! I thought that was cute. I told Char about the music and she said to think about it and 5 years ago Kelsey was 5!!! OMG.. thats crazy.

We put up our Christmas Tree today in our little house. It looks cute. The kids put their ornaments on and they are all on the bottom! This year Amy is very into it. I over heard her tell Jarret once it was done that she loves our tree. I am getting excited now for Christmas... Well gotta go have to work tonight. Jeff is sick and cant get out of bed so I have to get kids fed and pretty much get Amy in bed before I can go to work. So I am going to be rushed. Later!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

What do you think of my new header?? I think that is what it is called. The design with my blog name on it. *George did that for me. I LOVE it. The flower is from one of his pictures. Thanks *George!!!

I really don't know whats up with me this week. I have been so tired. I can't keep my eyes open most of the time. I need to sleep for more than 5 hours I think. I will have to have a sleep in day this weekend. My work schedule is all messed up this week. Because I took Monday off for *Georges Christmas Party I have to work Saturday. So now I will be working Saturday through Thursday. I hate not having 2 days off in a row. A day off here and a day off there really doesn't do it for me. I like my Fridays and Saturdays off. This next 2 weeks at work are going to be hell. Its going to get so busy. For those of you that don't know where I work I work at a call center taking Fedex calls. I track packages, schedule pick ups, do rates, deal with unreasonable people all night long. Its going to be especially bad during the holiday season. I take escalation calls after our managers desk closes in the evening and that can be crazy. I have had people call me all kinds of names because their cell phone is late or whatever the situation may be. Oh well its an honest living I guess.

I am going to be babysitting my nephew tonight. I think my niece is going to be sleeping at a friends house tonight so I probably wont see her. I am bringing some cookie dough for Jake and me tonight so we can bake!! Cant wait we are gonna have a good time. He is so funny. He makes me laugh every time I see him or when I am on the phone with my sister Char. He gets REALLY excited for things. He puts both hands over his mouth and kinda bends his knees and laughs!! When I know of something that gets him that excited I make sure I ask him about it a lot just so I can see him. I am getting very excited to spend some time with him tonight.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I've created a monster....

Every day Amy has to touch up her nail polish. The very first time I painted her nails she was not happy with me and I had to take it off immediately! Now I have to hide her polish because if she get ahold of it she will open it up and do it herself. The polish has to be purple. I have tried painting her nails with one of my colors but nope not good enough for her. She is such a girl. When she was little I thought she would be this tough tom boy just because of her size and how NOT dainty she was. Wow.. Was I wrong. She is the girliest 3 year old I have ever met.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I was checking out some other Blogs and realized I don't have many pictures on mine. I really need to start posting some pictures. I am still waiting for the pics from my Grandmas bday party. *Georges friend went to Toronto and borrowed our digital camera so I cant take any new pics for a few more days. But I will put a few up now from the summer. Of course of my kids what else do I have to take pics of?? I need to get out more!!

I am pretty excited for Friday, I am going to my sisters to watch her kids for the evening. Its her husbands work Christmas Party. I see my niece and Nephew quite a bit but I usually have my kids and my sister is coloring my hair. This time I am going by myself and will have some time one on one with Jake who is Amy's age and when he is in bed my niece Kelsey will be home from her dance and it will be our turn for some time together. Its funny how its time for me to get out of the house with out the kids (love my kids to death but sometimes you need that time away) even though I am going to a house with another 3 year old but its always different when they are not yours. I am going to apologize if the above sentences do not make sense. I took some pills with codeine in them for my migrain last night before bed and I am still a bit out of it. I read it over and I don't think it made sense but I really cant tell!! Man do I need sleep.

Jarret and Amy last winter.. They look the same this year!!

Jarret this summer..Such a cheese ball!!

Amy this summer.. Can she look any older??

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It was *Georges work Christmas Party last night it was a good time. It was at the Tavern United that is right below his office. There was an open bar and a lot of food. I am not really a drinker but the drinks were going down like water!! I had a little too much I wasn't falling down drunk just feeling really good. The people he works with are great, so easy to get along with. My mom watched the kids for us.. She came here after work and took them to McDonalds for supper of course they liked that.

So I started my Pilates work out yesterday. I did it a few months back religiously for about 6 weeks and I noticed a big difference. I stopped when it got too hot in my house during the summer and now I am really going to concentrate on it now. My tummy is really soar today though.. I guess that's a good sign. Well I am off to do my Pilates!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

I wanted to show these cause my *George took them.. I think he is very talented these were taken last spring about 5 min from our house at Grants Old Mill. Just wanted to Share!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

So I said I wanted to do something "crazy" this weekend so I have something to talk about... Well when I went out with my friends last night I didn't get home until 4am!! OMG hey.. Really "crazy". LOL! Well that's crazy for me. I had such a good time. We had so much to catch up on. I don't know why I don't see those girls more often. Really silly. Life just gets too busy sometimes, but we should make time for our friends. Especially the friends you have had for a long time. I have been friends with these girls for about 14 years and actually my friend Jen and I have been friends since we were 5!! I realized how much I miss them. Maybe its the Christmas season that's making me all mushy I don't know and I don't care. I will definitely make more of an effort to keep in contact with them. Good times ladies.. Good times!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Every Saturday my niece Kelsey has a basketball game, and usually our entire family goes. Its our Saturday afternoon out. We look forward to it all week. They are an awesome team. She started playing in the spring and they were undefeted!! They ended up winning the City Championship!!! This year they are even stronger. They usually win with a score of like 54 to 2. Last week was their first lost. They played an amazing game and only lost by 1 point. So today Jarret, Amy and I went and they won! Kelsey played an awesome game and she got a basket. She is a really good player. I am very very proud of her. She is always sooo tired and red when the game is over because she plays so hard. I cant wait for next Saturday..
Good Playing Kels!!

I am getting together with my friends I haven't seen in such a long time. I cant wait. I moved to the other side of the city almost a year ago and its really hard to see everyone. It doesn't help that I work evenings and our schedules are usually opposite. Its going to be fun. I should get going cause its about a 45 min drive from my house to that end of the city. We are gathering at my moms. She is having food and drinks. She has always been good to my friends and she hasn't seen them in forever either.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

Amy woke up this morning wheezing and coughing so I ended up taking her to the emergency room. She had 3 ventolin masks and some Pretnezone. She threw up all over me after she took Pretnezone... Poor kid. She is sleeping now. I will see how she's feeling after she wakes up but she is usually ok once she gets the masks and the meds. What a crazy day. I am a little tired but this is my last day of work for 2 days so it shouldn't be so bad. Nothing else to report. My life seems to be pretty boring lately.. I should do something crazy this weekend so I have something to talk about. Have a good one!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


Emma is starting her first day of full time day care. I know she will be fine but it is a big deal!! Hope everything goes well today. Chris or Denise let me know how thing went!!

So I went to a movie with Denise and her friend Kelly on Saturday. It started off with us going to Rent, then we decided on Derailed, but we ended up going to see Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. It was actually pretty good. 50 Cent larger than life wasnt hard to look at for an hour and a half. Wow does that boy have a body!!! I cant remember the last time I went to a movie. I forgot how much fun it is. I took the kids to WalMart for their pictures on Saturday, and I went there with the intention of getting $19.95 package with the 2 of them and wanted to get a sheet of just Jarret since he missed school pictures this year. But I walked away with the package, and 2 individual sheets of Amy and 2 of Jarret!! Ya.. I am such a sucker, but they are so cute. I couldnt pass them up. I cant wait to get them.

Gotta go my stomach is yelling at me for food!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Well its 12:45am and I am just making tea!! I am on work time. I am usually drinking tea at work at about this time. I would like to go to sleep but I am wide awake!! Kinda sucks cause I would like to get more than 5 hours of sleep on my days off. I will learn my lesson one day. It was my sister in laws birthday today November 25th and I want to say..
Happy Birthday Neece!! I am going out with her and her friends Saturday to celebrate!! This birthday is a milestone for her (Neece I wont actually put your age on here).

Well my tea is ready so I will get going. Hopefully off to bed soon. Night.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Jarret received his report card and it was very good. I was a bit nervous because he is in French immersion.. But I don't think I have anything to worry about. We also had Parent Teacher today too and that was good. I only had 2 minor concerns.
1. Jarret has come home in the past worried that he doesn't always finish his work in class
2. How much he understands the French part of school

Both of these concerns were talked about and I feel better. I thought that Jarret didn't finish his work in class because he talkes and socializes too much in class. I thought this because this is why I always had problems in school. But the reason is because he takes his time and is very neat and organized when doing an assignment. So that made me happy. The teachers said they would definitely work on that. And the French part they said that Jarret participates in the games they play and songs they sing in French so there is really nothing to worry about. They took notes on our questions which made me feel better that they will work on this stuff and keep an eye out for it too. Both teachers said very nice things about him. So it was a good visit.

I had such a busy day today. We have been out since 9:30am and we just got home at 4:00pm. And Jarret has to go to a bday party from 5-7 tonight and I still have to get *George from work. I am so tired. Well that's it for now. Its time to get kids in the car again.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I have been in bed all day with a stupid Migrain. I get them at least once a week. Amy is such a good girl. Once I got Jarret off to school I took some pills that has codeine in them and they knocked me out. Amy watched movies in my room. She kept covering me up and kissing me g'night. I owe her big time. I put her down for a nap I think it was about 1:00pm. I heard her playing in her room but I quickly fell asleep and I woke up at 4:30!! Jarret actually woke me up when he got home from school. Amy is sleeping though.

Jarret got his report card today, and I am very pleased with it. I was a bit nervous because he is in French immersion. But according to his report card he is adjusting well. We have parent teacher interviews on Friday morning at 10:00am. Cant wait for that. That's it for now.. I better go check on Amy she is coughing a lot right now, and I need to get ready for stupid work. Lata!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Its my Gramma's 80th birthday today. Just want to say Happy Birthday Gramma!! I was just talking to her and she is a very happy lady today. She received 2 bouquets of flowers.. And all kids of cards today. She had visitors this morning. She is so cute.

So I am trying really hard not to eat any "bad" stuff today. I am eating a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich. I know its not the healthiest but its not a chocolate cookie!! Right?? Baby steps. So I am off to get Amy ready for her nap so I can clean and get ready for work. Jarret is going with his friend to Bring A Buddy for Beavers tonight. If he likes it I think we will sign him up for it. Ok.. Talk to ya'll later!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

I was getting dressed for the day today and I noticed something I have never had before!! Back fat!! What the hell is that all about??? I knew I gained weight in the last few months.. But BACK FAT??? OMG... I never had that before. I think its time to do something about my weight. I have such bad self control.. I can not say no to junk food. I need help! Seriously. How does one cut out the food they love? I don't think I could actually cut it out completely but I need to do something. *George and I talked about joining the YMCA in January and I really think I need to. We have to wait until Christmas just for $$ sake.. But that is a New Year Resolution I need to make. I have never made New Year Resolutions before but this time its different. I was thinking about getting Slim Fast. I know a girl that went on that and she lost a lot of weight. I think it would be good for me cause I really don't eat meals throughout the day and I could make super before work. I don't start until 7pm so it would be good. The only problem is work. I work in a call center and it can get pretty boring some nights, and all there is to eat that late is vending machine stuff. Well now that I am done ranting on about this I should get going to start thinking about super!! LOL. If there are any tips out there on how to have some control over this please let me know!!
See ya!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Last night was my grammas big bday party and it was a lot of fun!! I love getting together with the whole family. My gramma has 8 great grandchildren and they were all there. They were all so cute and well behaved. My gramma really hates getting her picture taken. Every picture there is of her is her turning to the side. Never a dead on picture of her face. Her cake last night was really nice. There was a black and white picture of her when she was younger and beside that was a more recent one of her (of course its the side of her face). My mom got that done for her and was a little nervous that she would hate it. My mom said either she would kill her or love it!! When my gramma saw it she had a big smile on her face. There were so many pictures taken with her. We got a picture of her and all 8 great grandchildren. I cant wait to see it. Also pictures of my family with her. When I get them from my Uncle I will post them. My gramma actually was loving all the pictures and she was smiling in them!! My mom spoke to her today and she said she was up at 3am reliving her party. She went through all the bday cards first thing this morning.. I am so glad she had a good time!! She looked so cute last night. All her family were there (unfortunately my younger cousins couldn't make it.. Kyle is in Edmonton for school and Jarod had to work.. Missed you guys!!) I'm glad she has this memory!! I will post some pictures once I get them all uploaded from the camera.

This weekend has gone by so fast I am back to work tonight. Sundays are so easy so I really don't mind. Well... I guess that's it for now.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Well looks like my ranting on and on about Amy being SO sick has paid off. She seems to be feeling better today. Why is it when you are sick and you finally get yourself to a doctor you are better all of a sudden?? That happends to me all the time and with the kids too. She still has a nasty cough but other than that she seems to be feeling better. I will have to call and cancel her appointment for today, no need to haul her out in the cold weather. I am so glad to have her back. But by the middle of the day her constant talking will most likely drive me up the wall!!! I have never known a kid who talks as much as she does. My mom says that I was a talker too but not nearly as much as Amy!! I cant explain how much she talks. Its a constant noise ALL DAY!! That makes her her though. I wouldn't want it any other way!!!

So I am going shopping with my mom today to find Jarret something to wear for my Grandma's 80th bday party this weekend. Could you imagine.. 80 years old??? That is crazy. I am having a hard time being 27 nevermind 80!! We are having a pretty big party for her at a hotel. There are about 40 people coming. My moms Uncle is in from Alberta for it. Its a really big deal. When I told my Grandma that I was going shopping for Jarret's outfit for her party she didn't understand why he needs something new.. and why my Uncle is in from out of town for her "silly bday". She is going to have a great time, but I think she is just a bit uncomfortable with all these people coming. Once she is there she will love it. She is so cute. I cant wait for Saturday. We have such a busy day on Saturday.. I am getting my hair cut at 9:30 then Jarret has a bday party at 2 and I have a baby shower at 2 for *Georges cousin. And my Grandmas party starts at 5!! We can go for weeks at a time with no plans then everything happends at once.

Well that's it for now.
I just got home from work and put on David Letterman on and Ellen Degeneres is on his show. They are so cute together. He has so much admiration for her and vice versa. My sister and I HAVE to watch when she is on his show. I don't know what it is they just have great chemistry. Just had to say it.. it was good TV for 20min... Now its 2:31am and I am finally off to bed. Sweet dreams!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So I am starting to get really worried about Amy. She is still not herself. She does not have a fever anymore but she has been sleeping the days away. She went down for a nap on Saturday at about 2pm and slept until the next day. Then on Sunday I put her down for a nap at about 1pm and she slept until Monday morning (which I had to wake her up at 9am). I put her down on Monday at 1:30pm and she slept until 5 and I had to wake her. She did not nap yesterday but she layed down all day and slept until 10:15am this morning. Her nap today was at 1:30pm and again I had to wake her up at 5:15pm. So needless to say we are heading to the doctor tomorrow for 2:20pm. I am getting a little worried. She is not eating and is crying over everything. Her cough sounds so bad too. Any ideas as to what may be wrong? Any doctors out there? I will let you know how things go at the doctors tomorrow. Now that I am done going on and on.. I need to get ready for work. Its slow driving!! Have a great night.
I got this from Ashley's Blog... I love doing these things!!

Two names you go by
1. Mom
2. Nagam

Two parts of your heritage
1. Ukrainian
2. French

Two things that scare you
1. Bad things happening to my kids
2. Birds

Two of your everyday essentials
1. Coffee
2. Computer

Two things you are wearing right now
1. Jeans
2. Grey t-shirt

Two of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment)
1. Eminem
2. Kelly Clarkson (tried not to like her... but I cant help it!!)

Two favorite songs (at the moment)
1. Cleaning Out My Closet-Eminem
2. Hazel Eyes-Kelly Clarkson

Two things you want in a relationship (other than real love)
1. Friendship
2. Alone time (hard to come by in this house)

Two truths
1. I have low self confidence
2. I talk way too much sometimes (most of the time)

Two physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex)
1. Eyes
2. Gotta go with the bum

Two of your favorite hobbies
1. Blogging Now
2. Ummm... need more hobbies (any suggestions?)

Two things you want really badly
1. Kids to be happy and healthy
2. I dont think I want any thing really bad.... hmmm I will be thinking about that one.

Two places you want to go on vacation
1. Anywhere hot
2. Anywhere

Two things you want to do before you die
1. See my kids grow up
2. Own a house

Two things you are thinking about now
1. Wow.. Amy is still sleeping and its 20 to 10
2. I need more coffee

Two stores you shop at
1. Wal-mart
2. Wal-Mart(sad I know)

Two people I would like to see take this quiz
1. Chris (cause he's sooo bored lol)
2. Anyone else who would like to take part {ditto Ashley}

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So here is a great picture of the first snowfall. Thanks Char!! Why does it look so nice the first time you see it for the year then it gets really old really quick? Well Jarret had a great day outside, he was out for most of the morning. Poor Amy she was really upset with me cause I would let her outside. But I quickly changed her mind by giving her a fruit snack! I didn't make it to work tonight, you cant even see our car it is covered with snow. The parking lot has not been plowed either, so lets hope its ago for tomorrow.. we need to get to the store for milk, bread and butter. Ok.. That's it.. G'night!!
Well we have a snow day already!! No school busses so Jarret is home today. He and his friend are on their way outside to make a snow fort.. he is pretty excited!! I cant find his other mit so he is wearing my pink knitted mits!! (He says they're red). *George is home today as well.. We have a family snow day! Amy is still feeling icky but she wants to go outside.. I have to say no and she really isn't happy with me at all. That's it for now... Happy shoveling!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

I was talking with my husband (whose name will not be mentioned per his request) and he said I should explain the name Upusdown. Since only my mom got it. Upusdown is how Amy says upsidedown. I was racking my brain on a name for this and was coming up with nothing. I was thinking too hard and this morning I was watching the kids eat breakfast and then it came to me. So that's the explanation of Upusdown. I think its cute.

I am going to try this blog thing. I am really bad for not following threw with things so I will do my best. Bare with me cause I am not really too sure how to get this going this will definetly be a working progress.

Both of the kids were sick this weekend it started off with Jarret then went to Amy. Jarret has bounced back pretty fast but Amy is still fighting it off. I guess thats it for now..