Thursday, March 23, 2006

I want to blog today but I have nothing to say. Why don't I have anything to say? Am I that boring? I do have alot to do today I will tell you what it is,,

-Clean the bathroom
-Do dishes
-Clean the livingroom
-Clean the kids "play room" (when I say play room I of course mean the storage closet)
-Clean my room

Well that's what needs to be done around here.. But it wont all get done! Amy and I are going to get our nails done tonight. I am getting mine refilled and one broken one replaced and she is going to get her nails painted! I paint her nails all the time but I thought it would be fun to take her with me and get Sara to do it for her. She will feel so special, I know I do when I get my nails done! Jarret has one more day of school then school break!! We have some plans foir next week. I don't want him to get bored while he is home. We are planning a trip to Teulon to visit Georges cousin and her family. Planning a bowling day with Char and her kids. Have plans to go visit Joanna and her 2 kids I haven't seen in about 6 months. And my mom and I were talking this morning and I think we are going to head downtown to meet her for lunch next week. Busy busy cant wait!! I guess I did have something to say.. But I guess I always do!!

Lata Skata

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today is a year since George's mom passed away suddenly! I cant believe its been a year. That day is coming back to me so clear like it was yesterday and it hurts just as bad. Its going to be a sad day today. I have been thinking about this day for the past week and hoping everyone in the family gets through today with happy thoughts about her. My thoughts are with everyone today who is thinking about her.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I have come to the conclusion that I don't like to dream anymore. I use to like to dream even the bad ones I didn't mind. I feel when I dream now that its not a good nights sleep. Is this a bad thing? Am I getting old and cranky? I like daydreaming! Actually I love daydreaming. I do it all the time, what it would be like to win the lottery, what it would be like to be skinny, what it would be like to own my own house... ect..

On another note... Jarret came home with his report card yesterday. The Academic Skills marks eitehr stayed the same or went up a mark so I am very happy with that! The Teamwork and Personal management Skills marks either stayed the same or went down a mark. I am not too happy with that, I was not mad at him because we had some incidents this term with Jarrets behavior in school and I kinda saw it coming on the report card. He is like his mother and goofs off and talks a lot in class. Jarret has issues with the tone of voice he uses towards people sometimes. He is not a mean kid he goes from 0-10 in a second! We talked about that yesterday after I read his report card to him outloud. He is going to try harder to watch his tone and the way he talks to his friends (and at home too) But all in all I am pleased with his report card. He is such a smart kid, he's funny, very sensitive and just a good person.

Going shopping tonight with my mom. I have money in my pocket and its burning a hole!! I don't shop very often, but George and I took some money for ourselves after we got our income tax back and I still have some left. I need clothes so bad its not funny.

George had to take our car in to get fixed today, that sucks! But it will sound great once we get it back. Well I think I am done here....

Lata Skata!

Monday, March 13, 2006

A week??

It's been a week since I have last blogged??? OMG.. Where has the time gone? I guess looking after 2 sick kids all last week then trying to squeeze looking after a sick me time kinda flies by hey? Had Amy at the Emergency Room again, it wasn't her asthma but it was Croupe. She has had that before. Jarret was home from school Thursday and Friday he was throwing up for those 2 days. He was very upset that he missed out on PJ day! Both kids have ear infections and on antibiotics. What a house I have. George hasn't been feeling all that great either. Hopefully things get back to normal. That's about all I have to say for now.. . I will hopefully have more to say as the week goes on. That's it for now.

Lata Skata!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

And The Winner Is...

ME!!!! Yes I was the winner of the first annual "guess the winner" contest. What that was is my mom who hosted this party printed out all the categories with the nominees names and before the show started we had to pick who we thought would win.There were 24 categories and I got 11/24! It was a close race though. I was ahead then my sister-in-law was then my mom was! Phew.. How stressfull! LOL! My mom had her house all decorated I will post pictures below. Please be kind I am not a photographer and something was up with our camera. The actual show I thought was good. I loved most of the dresses I did not like Naomi Watts dress. I did like Reese Witherspoon's dress (who won yippeee!!). I thought John Stewart did a great job. Anyway... Here are the pictures.. Well maybe not.. Blogger isn't being nice to me. I will post the pics later.

Lata Skata

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Its a sad day in the Nagam house!

Not sure if everyone remembers my explanation about my blog title Upusdown. If not I will refresh your memory. I called it Upusdown because that is how Amy said upsidedown. It was the cutest thing. George and I would try to make her say that word all the time. But today she was talking (as usual) and she said upsidedown! George and I looked at eachother and kinda had a sad face and asked her to repeat what she just said to make sure its what we heard. Sure enough she said upsidedown again. Jarret always tried to correct her and the "great parents" that we were would tell him not to correct her. How awful is that? But we didn't want her to I guess "growup". So again the wonderful parents that we are were saying upusdown to her and she was getting mad that we weren't saying it correctly. This may sound silly to everyone that we are a bit sad about this but it was soo darn cute. We also don't correct Jarret on a few words cause its cute the way he talks sometimes. He is 6 and in grade 1 so really we should be encouraging him to speak correctly. Instead of saying "make" he says "nake" or instead of "need" he says "meed" now that I see this in printing I think we start correcting him.

Well that's it for now.. gonna get ready for my big night! LOL.

Lata Skata

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Academy Awards are on Sunday and I cant wait! Every year the girls in my family get together and have Chinese Food and junk and watch the show. No boys or kids allowed. Its a long night but its fun. We check out the dresses and watch all the pre show. I have seen a lot of the movies that are nominated. I need to see Walk The Line and Good Night And Goodluck. I am hoping to rent Walk The Line this weekend. Unfortuantly my sister will not be there on Sunday.. she has to work :( We will eat lots for you CHAR!!! This has been a tradition for about 4 years or so... I look forward to it every year. It will be good times!

Not much else happening around here. Jarret is still sick. Today he was saying his ear is all plugged up. I sent his puffers to school with him which I usually don't but he needs them 4 times a day for 10 days and he coughs a lot so he needs it on hand. That's that.

Lata Skata