Monday, December 05, 2011

Its been over two years since I have been on here and wow have things changed. I am no longer living in Toronto. The kids and I moved back home to Winnipeg in March of this year as a family of three. My marriage of 13 years is over, and it was very unexpected to me. I wont go into detail as that's not cool. I will be as open and honest as possible without being that "trashy" person revealing waaaayyy too much. Plus my kids may stumble across this so I will be as diplomatic as possible. Anyway... Jarret, Amy and I came home to Winnipeg via train. That was fun! We are living with my dad while I get my shit together (yes I will swear on here but wont talk smack about a certain person lol). Getting my shit together means I enrolled in school. That was not a hard choice to make considering I dropped out of high school at the tender age of 18 to work and save money for my wedding a year later. I am attending a trade school taking Administrative Assistant program and loving every minute of it. Its only a year long course and there is work experience included so thats a big bonus.

The kids have settled in nicely to their new life and made friends fast! I am very happy about that. I am happy to be near my family and my friends again. I will never move away again!! I learned my lesson.. twice. There it is, a very brief update on my life. There will be more to come.. I think. We'll see if I continue to blog.