Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My mom is visiting. She has been her since end of June and she is leaving next week. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. Its been so nice having her here, there was no adjustment needed, she just fits in the family and our routine. It will be hard to see her go back home. I will see her again in August when I go out for my friends wedding, but the kids won’t see her probably until next year. Sad.

George has been in Winnipeg since last week. This is his first visit home since we moved to Toronto three years ago. Its his grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party this weekend. I think he is having a nice time catching up with everyone.

Jarret’s baseball has been so much fun! He has grown so much as a player its amazing. He tried his hand at pitching, and was really good. He hasn’t had a chance to try since, but I am sure his time will come again soon. He plays second base and shortstop quite a bit. He loves playing any position. He rarely strikes out. The pitchers have a hard time finding his strike zone, this is when being small isn’t so bad for him.

Amy is growing like a weed. She is almost as tall as her brother. She got her hair cut a few weeks ago, they took 3 inches off, you cant tell though. Its still long. She did get some layers in the front however, very cute. She is looking so forward to dance class. I think she has decided on ballet. She has been changing her mind on and off for a while.

That’s it for now,

Lata Skata

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jarret has started baseball this month.. he is loving it. The second game (last week) he got hurt while up to bat. He got whacked in the arm.. he took his base, the kid on third came home so he got the team the first run! Sitting on the bleachers George and I could tell he was hurting.. he ended up pulling himself out of the game. I knew he was in pain when he did that. We got home and iced it and gave him some Tylenol and the next day it was better. He will play again this week. I love going to watch him. I love watching him not only play.. but watching him enjoy something so much.

We will be signing Amy up for dance lessons in August.. she is torn as to what she wants to take. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop! Her first choice was Ballroom believe it or not.. but the place we found doesnt offer it to her age. I hope she chooses jazz.. but whatever she wants will be good with me.

My mom will be here at the end of June and she is staying until the end of July. We are so excited that we have a countdown every morning on how many days until Gramma is here. We are at 26 days. Thats not long.. and my house is no where ready for any type of visitor let alone my mom! Gotta get moving.

Thats it for now..

Lata Skata

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jarret and Amy have out grown their bikes, so we bought Jarret a new one (George too) and gave Amy Jarret's old bike. She was using her bike with training wheels until today. We took her out this morning to get started in teaching her how to ride without them. Well she was awesome! She learned how to ride in an hour!! I am not kidding you. It was great. She had one bad fall where the tears came and we sat on the bench for a bit.. but she got right back on and wouldn't give up. She is a bit shaky starting by herself.. but she can do it. It was great to watch!

We bought her some pink streamers since she is stuck with a boys hand me down bike. They will go on next time we head out. We didn't want them getting wrecked if she fell on them while learning. No worries about that now.

I have set a goal for myself.. I want to ride to and from work one day. According to Google maps from home to work is 16km! I hope I can do it by the end of May. I don't want to do it now cause I am so out of shape. I will work my way up to it. I will do it on a Friday as its casual on Fridays and my hair will be flat from my helmet and I will have my work clothes in my backpack.. I would rather have jeans in there then dress clothes. I need to get into shape for summer.. especially for Jen's wedding in August.

Well.. that's it for now..

Lata Skata!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

So its been a while.. again. I never know if anyone reads this or not so I have not been updating. I feel as if I am posting just for myself.. which I guess isn't a bad thing. Anytime I am trying to remember when we did something I can just go in my archives and there it is! 

Last time I was on here it was January. Since then George and I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.. I celebrated my 31st (BARF) birthday and I was in Winnipeg for my moms 60th birthday. So its been a busy few months. 

The kids are getting big.. and excited for spring. Jarret will be playing baseball this year for the first time and he cant wait. Amy will be taking dancing, she is torn between Jazz and Ballet. I am hoping she chooses Jazz, I took Jazz for 7 years and LOVED it. I think it would suite her personality more.. but of course whatever she chooses will be great. I think she likes the idea of wearing a tutu! 

They both brought home their report cards this week.. and they were great. Miss Amy improved in all areas and received A's and B's! Very proud of her. Jarret's report card was good.. he got B's and C's.. there are a few things to work on but very proud of him too. 

I will be in Winnipeg in August for my friends wedding! I have the honor of being one of her bridesmaids! We have known each other since we were 4! That's what... 27 years? Wow. 

This is a long one.. so I will end it here. 

Lata Skata. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am home from work today to look after Jarret. I got a call from his school yesterday to come get him cause he was throwing up. Poor kid. Nothing worse then throwing up at school.. i remember it all to well myself. Anyway.. I had to call in today .. I HATE calling in sick for work.. especially at a new job, but I had no choice. 

I PVR'd the Inauguration yesterday. I taped from 10am to 4pm.. didn't want to miss any of this historic day. It was amazing. Jarret was on the couch and watched it with me. He watched the debates with me this past fall so it was only fitting that he watch Obama being sworn in. 

There isn't much happening around here, so not much for me to say. 

On that note...

Lata Skata