Tuesday, January 31, 2006

8 Years

Today is my Wedding Anniversary! George and I have been married for 8 years! We have been through ALOT in these past 8 years. We have been through a move to another province and back again, a separation, children, death, being happy,being sad, being angry, being broke, not being broke.. What a rollercoaster!! Going through all the stuff we have gone through I am glad it was with him!! We were married at 19, and I know a lot of people didn't see us making more than a year! We had some rough patches.. But who doesn't?? He is my best friend.. I can tell him anything and be myself! He laughs at my "blondeness" I'm sure he gets frustrated sometimes because I can be very "blonde" sometimes, but he usually just laughs it off and tells me he loves me because I don't know certain things. Being married to George is fun.. He isn't a very serious person, sometimes I can be very serious about things and he is there to remind me to have fun and "don't worry about it" If he wasn't here to tell me that I would be acting like an old person. I better stop he may not like the fact I am talking about him on here.. lol.. but I just wanted to share.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

What me... Scrapbook??

Well I went to Michaels with my mom and sister the other night because I have been thinking about starting to scrap. I am so not a creative person but a few years ago I received some scrapbook supplies. I just used them last month for my nieces bday card. I really enjoyed it! I just made a card tonight and it took FOREVER!!! I didn't know what to do. I enjoyed it but I was getting a bit frustrated cause I am very hard on myself and think that it will be ugly and no one will like it. I think it turned out pretty good considering its my first real attempt. I put it away and maybe I will go back to it again with more ideas. The funny thing is Jarret wanted to do one so he and I sat at the coffee table for about an hour and made our cards. I envy him so much cause he just did what he wanted and didn't second guess himself. I wish I was a kid again. His is really cute. I will post both of them after the bday party (don't want the bday girl to see it before I give it to her) I think I might look into taking a class or something *sigh*. I have never really had a hobby so I really hope I can get the hang of it.

So George and his uncle went to Nickelback tonight he was sooo excited! Well Jarret says he needs cereal before bed so I need to get to it! Have a good one!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ok.. so I know a few posts ago I was all happy about Amy finally being potty trained and I had to work on #2 but everything was good. Well.. she is still really good during the day for Pee and actually we have had no overnight accidents ever so you would think I would be thrilled. Well.. I am beside myself because she WILL NOT go #2 on the potty. She goes in her underwear EVERY time! I have tried talking nicely to her.. I have tried rewards... I have been angry with her... I don't know what to do. Yesterday she went for her nap and after her nap she was all pooppy. I lost it.. I got mad and I took her Tutu away from her and her Bella Dancerella too. I went to work after that and when I got home George said she did it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! What is up with that?? I need some help.. I am really at wits end with this. Please anyone with any suggestions out there???? I need some help..

Monday, January 23, 2006

Good Luck today Jake!

Today is Jakes first day of daycare! Just want to say good luck.. Auntie hopes you have a good day and play,play, play!! Tell your mom everything will be fine and you will miss her but will have fun and she should go home and sleep after she drops you off!! Hugs and kisses!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Date

Our date on Friday was soo much fun! We took the kids to my moms afer George was done work and we all ate supper there.. then George and I headed to the movie! We saw MUNICH it was really good. It was a long one but really good. It was kinda weird going out and not worrying about the kids. It felt like we were dating all over again. I felt all giddy. After the movie we went out for a few drinks at MOVADOS left there and went to BOOMERS for a few more drinks (and some entertainment). We didn't get home until 2am. We definitely have to do this again.

The pic of the flower is one of my roses from George.. he took the pic isn't it nice??

Thursday, January 19, 2006

My date started early!!

George came home with a dozen red roses for me tonight!! He told me its the start of our date for tomorrow!! The kids were really cute about it.. Amy asked why daddy gave me flowers and I said cause he loves me! She said "ok" then preceded to go over to Jarret and tell him she loves him! Too cute.. I LOVE getting flowers! So pretty!! Now I really cant wait for tomorrow!

I have a hot date on Friday! Its with a really really cute guy! He is smart and funny oh and did I mention cute??? We are going to a movie then probably out for nachos or something like that after! I might even ask him to come home with me!! You never know *nudge nudge, wink wink* Its been a VERY VERY long time since I have had a date with him so I am very excited! I am gonna get all dressed up and made up! I may even leave my hair out of a pony tail! I will let you know how it goes!! Looking forward to it!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nothing really exciting happening around here. I check my blog everyday and I was getting sick of looking at my post from a week ago so something new to look at now. My life is pretty boring. I was not at work last night due to a migrain. I have been trying to make it to work when I get migrains lately but just couldn't do it yesterday. Amy woke up today sick again. Her asthma is acting up again. That girl can't be well for more than a week. She is on her ventolin again.. and using her Flovent. We will see what happends this week.

Have a good one!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

So I went to sese Brokback Mountain last night with my mom her friend, my sister and sister in law.. this is one I definetly had to see in the theater! While I was watching I knew I was liking it.. once it was over we all were talking about it and we said that this movie had to sink in.. well it sunk in and I want to see it again. This is a true love story. Heath Ledger = amazing

Jake Gyllenhaal = amazing. The acting was probably the best acting I have seen in a movie in a long time. I truely believed these two were in love with eachother. And they were pretty to watch at the same time.. had to throw that in!! My sister and I were talking and we were both worried that some people in the theater wouldn't be very mature about some of the scenes. We were both wrong.. the two younger girls beside me giggled a few times, but it could have been because they saw Heath in his skivies!! Well that's it on this movie.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I think its safe to say Amy is on her way to being potty trained! I have been trying since MAY!! I read her Once Upon A Potty last week and ever since then she has been going P on her own. We are still working on over night and #2. But I am so happy that she is on her way. She is pretty much dry in the morning so I will start putting her on the potty when I get home from work in the evening at 11:30. She should be good until she wakes up. I was doing some thinking and in the past 6 years I have only been diaper free for 2 months when Jarret was trained before I had Amy that's alot of diapers!!

So I will keep you updated on her progress.. yippeee!!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

To eat in bed or not to eat in bed? That is the question!!

George and I have this ongoing...Lets call it discussion about if its right to eat in bed or not. Of course my stand on it is NO! While he sees nothing wrong with it. He wants me to make it clear to anyone who has not been here about how small our house is. Yes it is very very small and our bedroom is right across from the kitchen. My stand is our bedroom is like a "family room" the kids are always in there with there toys and food watching tv. That room is probably used more than any other room in the house. So, its bad enough toys and everyone's stuff is in our room all the time. so I would like to draw the line at eating in our bed!!

What is your opinion??

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jarret and Amy in the snow..

Amy doing her ballet

Jarret on Christmas morning

Amy after opening her Santa present.. not happy with it.

Jarret at his Christmas concert.. cutest puppy there!

There finally the pictures are uploaded!! I still have a lot more.. but this will do.. for now!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wow.. Its been a few days since I have last blogged! The Saskatoon trip was good... Saw baby and she is adorable. I was going to post her pic but for some reason I cant upload the pics from the camera to the computer from home, so George will have to do it at work for me. I have a lot of pics to post.

We left the kids in Winnipeg with family while we were away.. I had a hard time leaving them I had to hold back the tears cause I didn't want them to get upset. Once we were there it was good though. We got to sleep a lot and that is always a plus. When we came home George and I were laying in bed on New Years Day and he said that it didn't sound right in here so I went and got the kids from my moms! That night he looked at me and said that its sounds right now!! So cute and so right.

Funny story about Amy on Christmas..

For about 2 months before Christmas I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her. She said for 2 months that she wanted Cinderella! So Santa got the Cinderella doll about 2 weeks before the big day. So on the 23rd I took both kids to the mall to see the big guy and I asked both kids what they wanted Jarret said again he wanted his B D Man (sp?) and Amy said DORA! I just looked at her.. and asked again. She again said Dora. I asked her about Cinderella and she said she didn't like her. I didn't know what to say. So I just figured she would be good with the Cinderella doll. Christmas morning comes and she woke up did the stocking thing.. everything is good.. then the Santa present. She was sooo excited she ripped open the paper and she saw Cinderella looking at her and she started to cry!!! She put her head down and cried!! My heart broke into a million pieces! She only cried for a min and then quickly wiped the tears away and said its ok its ok.. and she pretended to be happy. I have never seen a kid cry after opening a Santa gift! Poor kid.. Isn't it true that they say kids don't really have any memories before they turn 4?? God I hope so!!

Sorry about the long post! I just have so much to say!! Will stop now. Have a good one!