Saturday, March 29, 2008

I went to Amy's school yesterday to observe her in class. It was alot of fun. She is quite the little social butterfly

I got my hair cut yesterday.. not feeling it

George comes home today.. cant wait its been a long two weeks

We have a few things to do today.. baking cupcakes is one of the things on our to do list

I should be doing laundry today but its going to wait

Gonna go now to try and get my shit pulled together

Lata Skata

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gramma Buddy

Its been 3 years since George's mom passed away. It was 3 years on the 21st. I didn't post anything the other day not because I forgot.. but it has been so crazy around here. She isn't forgotten around this house. Gramma Buddy comes up in conversation quite a bit. Jarret has more memory then Amy does, but we make sure she hears stories about her. She quite often tells us she "remembers that" when we know she doesn't but we let her think she does.

Its still sad to think that she is gone and missing out on her 3 grandchildren. I hope she knows how much everyone misses her.

Lata Skata.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

George left yesterday and it already feels weird without him. That might sound silly but we havent been apart for more then a week since moving out here. I guess also knowing that he is so far away doesnt help. He went from Toronto to L.A then from L.A he was off to Melbourne. He emailed me from the L.A airport that he met some guys from Melbourne and they were giving him some ideas of what he can do on his down time.

I dont know if I mentioned this or not.. but we are sending the kids back to Winnipeg for the month of July so they can see the family. They are pretty excited for that. My mom will come out at the end of June for a few days and take them back with her. Now that is going to be weird without the kids around for an entire month. I have a week of holiday's in July and two of my close friends are going to come out to visit.

Off to put missy in the tub and do some dishes..

Lata Skata

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Fling...

My own Polly Pocket
Jarret and Amy on the Bee ride.. he looks thrilled!
Have to have a hockey shot
Jarret waiting for the Marlies players to come back from the dressing room
Clemmensen.. He was brought up to the Leafs this year to play a few games..
Toronto Marlies and The Manitoba Moose

Saturday we took the kids to The Rogers Center for the Spring Fling. They have this fair for the kids all week for Spring Break. The rides were more Amy's speed.. there were a few that Jarret enjoyed.. but not too many.

After that we took the kids to the Marlies game. They played against the Manitoba Moose. The Moose won :(

George is heading to Australia on Saturday for work, lucky guy. So we will be missing him around the house.

Thats about it for now..

Lata Skata

Monday, March 03, 2008

Girls day..

Amy and I had a girls day yesterday. We had decided in the morning that we would go to Walmart.. when I was in the bathroom getting ready she of course was in there with me talking to me about whatever was on her mind (probably Polly Pockets or something) so at one point I bent down in her face and whispered how excited I was to go shopping with her and we are going to have a girls day out and leave the boys at home. I told her the first thing we will do is head to the toy department and just "window shop". Then I said we would look at nail polish and maybe buy a nice color for the two of us. She was grinning from ear to ear as I was whispering all this to her. Then she whispered back.. "I wont tell Jarret and Daddy" I said ok.

Then she shut the door and I heard her singing " I have a secret, I have a secret!!" down the hall into the living room where the boys were! Way funny.

So we went to Walmart and we spent a good hour looking at Polly Pockets, barbies and anything else that was pink. Of course we walked out of that department with toy in

She talked the ENTIRE time.. I am not joking!! I barely said anything, she was so excited.

So... 2 toys.. 1 outfit and a nail polish later.. we headed home. We had a good day. I thanked her in the car for coming shopping with me and for being such a good girl. I told her our next girl day out will be getting our nails done.

Good day with my Amy.. I have to do it more often..

PS.. i didnt forget about Jarret. I bought him a Maple Leafs tshirt.

Lata Skata

PSS or PPS whatever it is... dont GOOGLE 'mother and daugher' images.. dirty dirty pictures!!!!!