Sunday, December 31, 2006

Try putting a 7 year old down for a nap.. no luck. We wanted the kids to nap this afternoon so we can go downtown with them tonight. HA! They stayed in their rooms for about an hour then cam and got George and I up.. yes we had to have a nap too so we could stay awake past 10pm. Amy is quite excited for our night out.. there should be fireworks (forcast calls for rain so who knows) and music.

Hope everyone has a safe night tonight.

Lata Skata

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas pics

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Ours was pretty quiet due to being away from family this year. Its weird.. I had a headache that wouldn't go away pretty much since Monday.. I wasn't sleeping good AT ALL.. And I guess a bit cranky (ask George about that). Last night I slept so hard and feel 100% better. I guess I was homesick.. But didn't let myself actually kow that. I am glad its over. Not because George, the kids and I didn't have a good holiday.. But because I can feel better and not be as homesick as I was. Anyway.. Enough of that.. On to some pictures.

Jarret woke us up at 4am on Christmas morning.. So we let the kids do stockings at that time and shoved them off to bed. By 6am Jarret was up again and we waited until about 630 to wake Amy and George up. Presents were open and being played with by 730 and I was making French Toast. We had our supper and everything was awesome!!

I had a few more pics to put up.. But I guess Blogger is on holidays..

Lata Skata

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I cant believe your are 1 all ready.. have a wonderful day.. we miss you and love you..

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I've been tagged by my brother.. I am to list my all time 5 favorite Christmas songs.. Honestly I have a few its hard to narrow it down but I will do my best..

1) Silver Bells
2) We Wish You A Merry Christmas
3) Let It Snow.. (I wish it would snow here for Christmas)
4) Jingle Bells
5) Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

I tag Ashley, Jolene and January

In other news... My Smoothie Maker ROCKS!! We have been experimenting with it.. I think today I made my best one yet. It had frozen Strawberries, 1 banana, 1 Kiwi, and about 1/2 cup of plain yogurt. It was really yummy. We had Kahlua Milkshakes last night. And we are doing Margaritas this weekend.

I also did some Christmas baking last night. I made Butter Tarts and Confetti Squares. George was my taste tester because I cant have any until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because of my "diet". He said everything tasted awesome so I am happy with that. I still have to make Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Balls then I'm done.

Off to give miss Amy a bath..

Lata Skata

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Bev

I was looking for a picture to put up here of you and me.. and nothing.. whats up with that?

Anyway.. Bev and I have been friends for .. What?? 50 years?? Lol.. Its actually been about 14 years. We met in grade 9 and it didn't start out all that great. I think we got into an argument and she didn't talk to me for about 3 months. But in those 3 months I kept bugging her and pestering her to talk to me. I think that made her more mad. I seem to remember having fun with it though. But ever since then we have been friends. She is my best friend. We could go forever (cause she doesn't call..) without talking to eachother and once we (I call her) re connect we pick up where we left off.

Have a wonderful day.. I am so glad you are as old as me now.. At least for a few months anyway. I miss you.. and will talk to you soon!!

Lata Skata

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Monday

Been up since 5:30 because of this...

I cant explain how LOUD the alarm is in this building. It pierces my ears its so loud. It is now 6:54am and the alarm is STILL going off. Our suite smells like smoke now.. The fire is in the underground parking.. We are on the 17th floor!! The fire department advised all the residents to stay in their units. The fire trucks and EMT's and police cars are down to the next building. What a way to start off the week.

Lata Skata

Update: Its 7:27am and the alarm is still going...

Update: At 7:38am the alarm stopped. Apparently there was a car set on fire on one of the parkaid levels...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Preview

We had a dry run of Christmas morning today. We let the kids open 2 gifts from me and George!! What is that about?? We are as bad as the kids sometimes. The funny thing is they haven't been bugging us AT ALL to open any gifts. They both opened they're Floam. Jarret opened his B Dman Yatzee and Amy opened her Troll doll. I honestly expected us to let them open a gift on Christmas Eve but a week before?? Oh well.. We are away from home and we can do what we want!! I also opened my gift from the kids. I got a Smoothie Maker. I am SOOO excited for that. I have been wanting a blender since I started my weight loss program almost 2 moths ago. We walked to the store to get some stuff to make smoothies.. Cant wait.

If anyone out there has any Smoothie recipes that would be awesome. We are going to make up our own for now.

Lata Skata

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Emma
I cant believe you are 2!! Wow.. Have a WONDERFUL day. We miss you so much! Love you lots missy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Too cute

Standing at Amy's class room door waiting for the bell to ring so her day can start when a mom looks at me and asked,

"Is your Amy the one that can't eat nuts?"

"Yes" I said back at her

"My son told me that Amy is pink and she cant eat nuts" she says to me laughing

I chuckled with her and she said she asked him,

"What do you mean she's pink?

"She Always wears pink!!"

This is the same boy who's mom at the beginning of the year asked what my daughters name was cause her son wanted to know. How cute is that??

Friday, December 08, 2006

Parent Teacher Interview.. sorry kinda long

Today was Jarrets Parent Teacher Interview. I was looking forward to it like I do every year. This year especially because he had to adjust to so much. George took the day off so he could be there. We met the teacher for the first time. She was hired about a month ago because the grade 2 French Immersion classes were way too big. Jarret was in a class of 30 kids and 1 teacher. Since he was switched I have noticed a big difference in his attitude towards school, a good difference. Anyway...

She went over his report card with us.. (which really wasn't all that great). He does very well in Gym and Music though. So as the meeting went on she pulled out some of his work. There was about 4 different things she showed us.. And I am not kidding when I say that EVERYTHING was incomplete!!! NOT HAPPY!! George stood there with a not so happy look on his face.. I felt myself feeling very crappy as the teacher spoke about how Jarret doesn't focus.. How Jarret's printing isn't great.. How he comprehends French but cant write it or read it..

She did suggest that we get his hearing and eyes checked out because that may be a possibility why he isn't completing any of his work. I did ask if he socializes too much in class and if that could be why he isn't completing any of his work.. She said he isn't disruptive or he isn't distracted by visiting too much. There are a few things we can do at home to help him with his printing and reading obviously. If there is nothing wrong with his hearing or eyes then its all up to him to focus in class.

So George and I found ourselves giving him the "pull up your socks by next report card or else" speach.. lol.. Man If I didn't feel like a "real" parent before I sure did today. After we had our talk with him I told George I need to call my mom and apologize for all the parent teacher interviews she walked out of feeling the way I did today. And believe me there were plenty.. More about my "talking too much" but still.

I was really upset today. I know he is a smart kid and he means well.. I just hope we got through to him today about how important it is to do your best and focus on school work.

Amy's Parent Teacher is on Monday.. I already know I am going to hear about her "timeouts" but I am looking forward to hearing what the teacher has to say about her.

Lata Skata

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For the first time EVER we have the kids presents bought and wrapped under the tree before December 24th. I am not kidding about that. Every single year George and I start shopping on December 22nd and wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. It feels so good to have the kids done all ready. I still have to do stocking stuffers for them but that will be a piece of cake. We are finishing up everything this weekend so we can get the Winnipeg gifts out on Monday. I am a little worried about Amy's Santa gift. She asked for The Interactive Princess Genevieve Let's Dance Doll from Santa. Well Santa got it for her, which is all fine and dandy.. But you all remember last year's Santa debacle?? She asked for Cinderella from Santa and Santa came through. But a few days before Christmas she changed her mind.. And wanted a Dora doll instead. Not a happy girl. She cried. My heart broke. I felt awful. So we'll see what happends this year. Jarret is going to be VERY VERY happy with his Santa gift. He asked for N Sect and Santa again came through. I don't think Santa wanted to really spend that kind of money but.. He did and we will have a very happy boy on our hands.

So tonight the 4 of us are going to see Aladdin at the Elgin Theater. I think I might be the only one who is really looking forward to it.

Amy after opening her Santa gift last year.. can see her tears???

Well.. That's that..

Lata Skata

Monday, December 04, 2006

We finally got our first snow fall on Saturday.. But by the time we left the house to go shopping it was already melted. It is cold today. Low of -12! This is the first time this season that I will complain on how cold it is. Jarret was all bundled up today.. And Amy is heading back to school after being home for a week because she was sick. She has been missing school and is very excited to go back today.

George and I upgraded our digital cable box for an HD PVR cable box on Saturday. The HD is so nice to have back, and the PVR is very cool. We can pause TV.. Record it.. Rewind.. Or fastforward!! Let me tell you we had so much fun with it this weekend.

Our poor Jakey is very sick with Pneumonia. He has been admitted to the hospital since Friday, and is there until at least today. He has Pneumonia in both lungs and was in a lot of pain in his tummy. I hope you are feeling better today bud!!!

Well.. That is all for now.. Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Lata Skata