Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

He looks so cute!

It fell out while he was brushing his teeth last night before bed. This is his first one.

The tooth fairy left him $5. I remember her leaving me a quarter. Sometimes 50 cents. Talk about inflation!

Lata Skata

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

11 days and counting until my mom comes to visit again.

Cant wait.

She was going to come at Christmas but we both thought it would be better if she came sooner then later.

I have a few days off when she is here.. she will be here for Amy's bday. She is leaving before Jarrets but we are having his party when she is here.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Jarrets new do...

Jarret got his hair cut today.. he decided on a faux hawk!

Not sure what I think about these pictures. He looks older.. and really skinny.

The reason for no shirt btw.. is he was going to bed shortly and he only wears sweats.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am drinking a smoothie before I tackle my laundry today. I only do laundry once a week at the laundry mat across the street. Not really by choice.. but because we live in an apartment building that is a disgusting dump and I WILL NOT go 19 flights down to the dingy basement to do laundry in a laundry room that by my 7 years olds' own words "its disgusting mom"

If my 7 year old has an opinion on whats disgusting and what isn't when it comes to stuff like this.. you know its bad.

I have 2 weeks of laundry today because last weekend we were not home to do any. I honestly don't mind the laundry mat for one reason only.. I get it all done at once. But it is a pain in the ass gathering and getting it over. Especially when only 1 of 4 elevators work in our building almost EVERY weekend. I get so mad by the time I get home.


I am pretty happy that I have had the chance twice in the last little while to go to a scrapbooking class with my friend K from work. I have been wanting to get involved in scrapbooking for about 2 years but never knew where to start. I have a bunch of supplies but I have no idea how to do any layouts. I am slowly getting the idea. I have made 3 pages and it was so much fun! Thanks K!!!!

Oh yes.. before I forget. Going into the 3rd week of school and Amy is already sick. As she puts it "my neck hurths when I swallow"

Also she said her stomach hurts when she breaths. Which in the past means she has pneumonia! So when I get back from my laundy I guess we will be heading to the hospital for a mask or two and an xray for pneumonia diagnosis. I hope I am wrong about that!

That's that...

Lata Skata

Friday, September 14, 2007

First day of school.. again??

Amy was switched from PM Kindergarten to AM starting today! What a relief! This works out better for everyone except Amy. She is not happy about it and I don't really blame her. She has just settled into her class made some friends now she has to start over again. But Amy is Amy.. she will adjust with no problems. She is not shy by ANY means. I do feel guilty but this is the best for us and the babysitter. She will go on the bus with Jarret in the morning at 8am and she has dismissal 11am. It takes 5 days to get her on the new bus schedule so we will have to take her to school and the sitter said she will pick her up after school until the bus gets figured out.

Its falling into place.. I don't feel so stressed out.

Better go get the kidos up now.

Lata Skata

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Canadian Idol

The finale of Canadian Idol was last night and the adorable guy here was the winner! He is amazing. I pegged him from the first show to win.

If I can find one of his performances on Youtube I will try to post it.

Isnt he adorable???

Lata Skata

Monday, September 10, 2007

VFest day 2

On the way to the island day 2
The kids were part of human chess.. Environment vs Global Warming, they were hummers

Kids on the ferry to the island
Twister again
Jarret was out.. so they let him spin
George and the kids on the Ferris Wheel (i don't do Ferris Wheels)
Jarret and Amy with the Energizer bunny..

I didn't take as many pictures the second day because the batteries in our camera died and I forgot to bring extras.. but what I got are cute.

Tired babies today..

Excited for next year!

Lata Skata

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Virgin Festival day 1

Guys in bushes they were funny...
Amy running to the guys in the bushes.. she LOVED them

They played with the kids for about 10 min.. cute
Amy had this one running around in circles and pulling him by his hand

Rock On Jarret!!
Me and Amy
Jarret and Amy
Me and Jarret

Second year of VFest. It went by a lot faster then last year. But it was still as fun. The first 1/2 an hour Jarret won an MP3 player.. he was so stoked!! We were watching some bands play and he listened to his MP3 player.. too cute.

We are heading back today for day 2.. we are all tired but that wont stop up from going. We have an all access pass so we will by pass the line for the Ferry to the island and once we get off the island we can walk right in.. LOVE IT.

I will have more pictures from today.. expect to see them..

Have a good Sunday

Lata Skata

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First day of school was pretty good. There was a bit of a "mix up" after school with 4 busses and 100 or so kids getting on the wrong busses, mine included.. but they both came home safe.. a little shaken.. but they're home.

Going to bed... I am up early for the next 10 months or so. I guess my "summer vacation" is over now.


Lata Skata

Monday, September 03, 2007

Pictures and first day of school

The first day of school is tomorrow. I am excited for both kids. I am nervous for Amy. Its a new school and her first year in French Immersion. I know she will be ok. But of course I am nervous for her.

We have her out fit all picked out for tomorrow laid out on her bed. I will braid her hair tonight after her bath so its curly for tomorrow.

I am hoping this year is a better year for Jarret. He struggled a bit last year.. but I chalked it up to the move and a new school. George and I had a talk with him last week. We told him all we want is for him to do his best and try, and we will go from there. I think he was ok with our chat. Lets hope so.

The above pictures are from when our Friends Gene and Paula and their daughter were visiting in August. Gene and George have been friends since Kindergarten. We had an awesome time with them.. they want to move here.. and I hope they can as soon as they possibly can!!

Lata Skata

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Up way too early today. I have been awake since 5am. Sitting on the computer waiting to get tired so I can go back to bed.. so far nothing.

I have been so stressed out this past week, I'm sure that has to do with my insomnia today. The kids start school on Tuesday. Jarret is going to grade 3 ( omg.. wanna barf when I think of that) and Amy to Kindergarten. they will be in the same school this year.

When I registered Amy for Kindergarten there was no option on AM or PM. She is in the PM. That is not what I wanted. I want her in the AM. I called the school this past week and left a message on the principals voice mail to see if she can be switched. I left a detailed message as to why I was calling and left her my work #. She never got back to me.

I have no idea what time in the PM she starts on Tuesday. I guess when we take Jarret the first day I will ask..and I will ask if she can be switched. I really hope so.. it would work out so much better. Also the bus stop for Amy is farther away then Jarrets bus stop. I don't understand why they have different stops.. that's another thing I will have to deal with. I have to call the bus company and they are so difficult to get a hold of.

I have to do everything next week which sucks! I wish I was home. I wish I didn't have to work. I am feeling so guilty about it. If I could have waited until Amy was in grade 1 to go back.. it would have been better, but that was not an option and I know that. Everything will work out.. but in the mean time it sucks how I am feeling. I guess I can go and try to sleep.. wish me luck.

Lata Skata