Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Joe Joe

Chris called me last night and told me he had some news. I was of course waiting for him to give me some good news.. like I will be a new Auntie again!!! No.. that wasn't the news he had for me.

He told me that Joe died.

Joe Joe was my best friend when I was 3 years old. We played together all the time. He only came over 1 time to my house and my parents told me that he wasn't allowed to come over anymore. I couldn't understand. He was Joe.. my best friend.

For years we would play together and he always came and called on me and we would hang out all the time. He wasn't just my friend he was friends with every kid on our block.

As I got older I knew he was different. Not too sure what it was but something. As the other kids on my block got older they started to make fun of him all the time. They would call him names and were just mean. I use to stick up for him and I remember one day telling him if anyone bugs you Joe.. come and tell me.

You see.. Joe was a 45 year old mentally challenged man. His mentality was about 5 or 6 I believe.

His mother looked after him the best she could.. but she was very old and I can imagine how hard it was for her to look after him.

He use to carry around this silver walk man all the time. If you were to ask him who gave it to him he would say so proudly "my brother"

And if you asked him when he got it he would again answer so proud "last week". Even though he had that walk man for as long as I knew him.

Joe taught me to ride a two wheeler. My mom use to get upset because he would run as fast as he could holding the back of my seat and wouldn't let go cause he didn't want me to get hurt and his heart wasn't very strong. But he did it.

I know me and my family have had a lot of Joe stories and I know we would laugh at them.. but for us it wasn't mean or malicious.. it was all out of love for him

I haven't seen him in many years. At least 4, but I am sad today I will truly miss my first friend.

Char wrote about Joe sometime last year. She writes a lot better then I do.. so to get an idea of our life with Joe in it take a look at her post.

Lata Skata


Char said...

I can't believe Joe died. That is very very sad news. We sure have many memories of him. As often as he invited himself over, and all the funny little things about him made us all love him in a very unique way. He truly was your first friend, and you were probably his as well. He used to LOVE it when you were able to go outside. I have that image of him running behind you on your bike burned in my memory forever. It's hard to believe that was over 20 years ago. It feels like 'last week'. As an adult I now think back and realize how much he really did like you. He liked all of us, but you were the special one.

Jenn said...

It is hard to believe he died. He was so young in so many ways I never imagine him not being around.

I was talking to George about him and I said how many people can honestly say they remember their first friend EVER?

I tried looking for his obituary last night but no luck. If you guys happen to find it please send it to me.

Jamie said...

Hey Jenn,

Ok, I'm a bit behind here and I am finally making it over to your blog ... I'm so sorry you lost your first friend! Big hugs coming your way.

Oh, and btw, I have a "I didn't do it" in my house too. Well, that's what is first said, then each kid starts blaming the other .... I remember doing the same thing to my brother too.

Shannon said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. What a bunch of memories you all have about him. I read Char's post and was very amused by the images....

AND I LMAO at the first post about that person peeing..... WTF?!

Penny said...

Sorry Jenn.

Anonymous said...

Jenn thanks for writing that. It seems we had the privilage to meet a human life in its simplist and most humbling form. So we can learn from Joe. We can learn that its not what you want it is what you have. He was so happy to show all of his friends his sailboat that floats for months on end.
He sure will never be forgotten and our kids will definately know about Joe Joe (pronounced jue jue as per his mom).
Rest Well Joe

Love Ceestophal (christopher aka rubbing)

Char said...

Shannon - that person peeing in the back lane was by far one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jolene said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jenn I wished more people could see through what problems people have and see them for their kindness. You gave kindness to a man who probably passed not very much judgement on anyone. In return he received a friend who did the same. I sorry to hear you lost your old friend.