Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jarret has started baseball this month.. he is loving it. The second game (last week) he got hurt while up to bat. He got whacked in the arm.. he took his base, the kid on third came home so he got the team the first run! Sitting on the bleachers George and I could tell he was hurting.. he ended up pulling himself out of the game. I knew he was in pain when he did that. We got home and iced it and gave him some Tylenol and the next day it was better. He will play again this week. I love going to watch him. I love watching him not only play.. but watching him enjoy something so much.

We will be signing Amy up for dance lessons in August.. she is torn as to what she wants to take. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop! Her first choice was Ballroom believe it or not.. but the place we found doesnt offer it to her age. I hope she chooses jazz.. but whatever she wants will be good with me.

My mom will be here at the end of June and she is staying until the end of July. We are so excited that we have a countdown every morning on how many days until Gramma is here. We are at 26 days. Thats not long.. and my house is no where ready for any type of visitor let alone my mom! Gotta get moving.

Thats it for now..

Lata Skata