Friday, July 18, 2008

C Ya

Heading to Vegas tomorrow until Thursday. First visit to Vegas.. first trip with George.. going to have fun!!

Lata Skata

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holy Pictures Batman!!!

Kids and Mom arriving at the airport way up top.. can you see them?
Amy with Auntie Denise, Emma and miss Anna
Jarret trying to act "cool" that Kelsey is hugging him but inside he is freaking out so excited!!
The boys
The twins (and Baby Alive)
S Amy wouldn't let go of Kels lol

Amy and Emma just cruising around
Uncle and Jarret goofing around.. notice the thumbs up?
Jarrets turn.. notice no thumbs up lol
The girls swimming..
Amy, Jarret Kelsey and I think thats Emma infront of Amy
The boys at Aunties house in front of the fire
The cousins.. missing two
Kels and Jarret
Amy.. umm.. could her legs be any longer??
Jakey and his marsh mellow.. wow he has grown

The first week they stayed with Chris and Denise. This week they are with Char and Kenny.

I have talked to the kids every day since they have been gone. They are having a really good time. No time for being homesick which is great. I love they have this time to bond with their cousins. This trip was well needed.

George and I have been pretty busy since they left and he got back from his second business trip to Hawaii. It is strange without the kids around.. but I am so glad they are having so much fun.

My official last day of work is August 1st and i will be heading to Winnipeg for a 2 week visit and to bring the kids home August 21st. Cant wait for my visit with everyone.

Oh yeah.. George and I are going to Las Vegas on Saturday for a few days. I have holiday's next week. This will be our first trip together. No kidding. Very excited!!

Ok.. thats that..

Lata Skata