Monday, May 19, 2008

May long weekend.. not so good :(

Sick with a Migraine on Saturday.. went to bed at 830pm it was still lingering until today..

Amy is in the middle of an asthma attack.. up with her most of the night last night

Jarret puked in our car on the way home from breakfast today..

My throat is sore and I feel like i am coming down with something..

What a crappy long weekend... oh well...


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jarret did awesome last night! He was loud, he wasnt too fast or too slow he was just perfect!! There were 6 performances last night Jarrets class was the first to go on. That was fine.. but people were still arriving as as you can hear in the back ground making a shit load of noise. I was getting so annoyed, but what can you do? The other "plays" were cute too.. but of course i am bias to say Jarret's was the best :).

Here he is before he went on.. so cute :)

Good job Jarret!!!!

Lata Skata

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Few things...

-Took Amy to the doctors last Thursday because her throat was sore to the point where she was almost in tears. The doctor did a swab to rule out strep throat he thinks its just a virus but he will only call if there is a positive result. I receive a phone call at 9pm last night from the doctors office saying he wants to see Amy about her results. Umm.. ok.. she hasn't complained since the weekend about her throat.. but sure I'll come in. So going today at 9am. Little nervous not sure what to expect.. she seems fine.

-Jarret is in a play tonight. Its to do with the Pioneers he is the narrator cant wait. I wish I spoke French so I can understand it but I am sure I will get the jist of it and just to see him up there will be AWESOME.

-Jarrets 3rd tooth finally fell out. Now he has a nice big hole in his mouth.. cute stuff!!

-Still no word on work. Waiting to get my letter to tell me when my last day is, just would like to know .. you know?

-George is going to Hawaii in 2 weeks for 2 weeks for work. Very excited for him but I am a bit jealous lol.

-My mom comes to Toronto at the end of June to get the kids to bring them back to Winnipeg. They are so looking forward to their visit with everyone!

Thats it..

*** Edited***

I said above I took Amy to the doctor last week.. correction it was almost 2 weeks ago. And they just received the results yesterday? Anyway.. the doctor said she has strep throat. He said the lab had the positive results 2 days after but they didn't send the office the results until this week. Thank GOD Amy wasn't in any pain. I have had strep before and it is NOT pleasant. Anyway, its all good. She is more upset that she had to miss school today.

Lata Skata