Friday, August 24, 2007

The show rocked!! I can not express how fucking good this concert was!! We sat in our seats just before My Chemical Romance was about to go on. Now.. I am just starting to listen to them.. I dont know a whole lot of their songs but with the help of George the last few weeks he has been making me more familiar. Let me tell you.. if I went there not knowing ANY song I would definitely be a fan after!!! They were amazing. Love them.. love them...

Now to Linkin Park...
I honestly dont know what to say. For the first maybe 4 songs I was jumping up and down hanging onto Georges arm looking at him and yelling " HOLY FUCK!!!!!!" I am not kidding you when I say this was the best concert I have been to. Grant it I have never really been to "rock" concert before.. but still.
I dont know what hurt more that night.. my feet (note dont wear flip flops when walking around all day and jumping up and down) my throat from screaming, and my cheeks from smiling ear to ear??? So much fun.. so much fun..
Thats it for now.. I actually have more to post about.. I will be back on the weekend...
Lata Skata
Oh yeah.. these pictures are from a guy that was at the concert. He sent them to George via Face Book, thank God for Facebook right???

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So today is the day. We are heading to Projekt Revolution!! Cant wait. The weather is a bit chilly but that is good cause we will be walking around the CNE as well. Don't like doing stuff like that when its too hot! I get bitchy!

I tried to post a you tube video of what we are going to but it didn't take for some reason. I will have to get George to take a look.

Have a good day!! I know I Will!!

Lata Skata

Friday, August 10, 2007

Linkin Park

Ok so I am turning into a once a week blogger. Not liking that too much. I guess I have nothing interestng to say. Did I ever though?
So... my awesome, loving, caring husband George told me the other night he got us two tickets for
Linkin Park---------->
I am so excited!! I am a rap, pop, hip hop type of girl.. not a "rock" girl, but I am LOVING their new cd
Minutes To Midnight Seriously! The concert is in a week and a half. Its gonna be a great show!!
I am off to get ready for work. This week went by so fast due to the long weekend last week.
Lata Skata

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Its been a year...

So its been a year today since we moved to Toronto. The pictures are just some of the things we did this past year. I cant believe a year has past already. We have had so much fun.
This past week has been a bit hard though. I wasnt quite sure what was wrong then talking to George I realized I am a bit home sick. After Kelsey left last week thats when it hit me. I miss my family. I miss the kids.
I love our life out here. We are closer then we ever have been. I am happy here, but I am allowed to be homesick.. right?
I am having a hard time putting my thought down so I will end this post here.
Hopefully it wont be another week before I post again.
Lata Skata