Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just a shout out to Chris and Denise today on their anniversary! Have a great day guys.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some of my favorite pictues... just some..

I was going through some pictures and I LOVE these ones. They're good pictures of the kids and that weekend was one of my favorite memories from moving here.
Lata Skata

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jarret seeing Gramma for the first time.. SURPRISE!
Bush at Niagara Falls..
Jarret seeing Auntie for the first time.. SURPRISE AGAIN
Fence at the Falls..
Jarret and The Cat In The Hat @ Niagara
There are so many pictures I could post and don't you worry.. I will in time. George is back to work this week.. and the house is back to the "normal" routine. For some reason I can't put whats in my head on this blog. Maybe I feel rushed cause I have some stuff I have to do today. I don't know. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to post again.
Hope everyone is doing well..
Lata Skata

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My mom just left for the airport. Sad right now. I honestly thought I would be fine.. I really didn't get sad until I hugged her goodbye. I know a lot of my sadness is for my kids. They are very close to her. They miss everyone in Winnipeg. They ALWAYS talk about everyone and how much they miss their family.

We had a really good time hanging out this past 10 days though. We are ALL exhausted from all the walking and site seeing we did. I think we only stayed home for 3 of the 10 days she was here. When Char was here we didn't have 1 day or night just hanging out at home. It was awesome!!

Jarret joined the choir at school about a month ago and there was a small concert on Thursday. It worked out perfectly that my mom was here to see him sing. He was so cute!! They sang The Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song! Too cute. I will post the video of it when my mom sends it to me. He looks so tiny compared to the other kids his age.

That's it for now..

Lata Skata

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Quick post.. and a few more pictures

Niagara Falls.. so so beautiful
More of the falls..
Me, Jarret, Amy and my mom
My moms bday cake.. Auntie frosted it.. Amy decorated it
At the Hershey store in Niagara Falls
Here are a few more pictures from our visit with my Mom and sister. Niagara in the winter is by far my favorite time to visit.. breathtaking!!
I have been reading every ones blogs the past week but have no time to comment. I will be back next week!! I am enjoying the rest of my visit with my mommy. She goes home on Saturday morning :(
Lata Skata

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have a few minutes to post something. George and my mom took my sister to the airport this morning. Char was only here for 4 days, but in those 4 days i think I developed some major abs from all the laughing we did. We had such a good time. It really didnt feel like we have been apart for 7 months. I guess talking on the phone every chance we get helps.

The kids were very excited to see Auntie. She had 2 growths the entire time she was here. We went to The Hip on Thursday night and man what a good time that was. We were at IKEA 3 times in 2 days!! Went to Niagara Falls on Saturday. Busy busy few days.. but so much fun. I am going to post a few pictures.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Today is the day. Mom and Char are arriving in just a few hours. I cant wait!! My moms flight has been delayed an hour.. but no worries she is on her way. Talked to Char this morning and she is getting ready to go to the airport!!

On another note.. Blogger made me change to the new version today. Anyone else have to too? Not sure how happy I am about not having a choice anymore.. but I'm sure it will be fine.. right? I guess we will see.

I have a lunch at Amy's school today. She is very excited to go. We will go for 11:30 and I will take her to class when its time for school.

Well.. I may not be on here for a while.. we have a lot to do in the short time my sister is here. Maybe next week and I will be posting a lot of pictures.. so brace yourself!!

Have a good week..

Lata Skata

Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Kelsey

Our oldest Great Grandchild, oldest Grandchild, Oldest neice, Oldest cousin turns 12 today. You are an awesome kid Kelsey.. have a wonderful day and we love you and miss so much!!

Lata Skata

Sunday, February 04, 2007

They like me.. They really like me...

The cookie gods that is! Finally I made cookies that aren't crap!! I don't know if it was the awesome music George played all day.. Or Amy my helper.. Or George standing there watching every move I made (per my request).. Or the aluminum cookie sheet I bought the other day.. Or Shannon "rooting" for me to make a good batch of cookies...

Whatever it was.. THANK YOU!!! This might seem silly to anyone reading this.. But I was starting to feel pretty silly that I couldn't make simple chocolate chip cookies!!

don't they look yummy??

3 more sleeps!!

Lata Skata

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mmmm..... cho-co-late!!!

George had to go to the Hershey Center to do an install yesterday and because he gave them flat screens they gave him all this chocolate!! I'm telling you if this was 3 months ago I would have been all over this last night. Don't get me wrong I ate some but had more restraint then I thought I had for chocolate. In the bag they gave him.

Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts
Reese's Pieces
Rainbow twizlers (or twisters as Amy likes to call them)
Regular "twisters"
Chewy Jolley Ranchers
Reese Peanut Butter cups
Raisin Glossetts
O'Henry bar
Hershey's milk chocolate bar

I believe I got it all! George gets some pretty good perks at his job.. usually its free tickets to events.. but I like the free bag of chocolate thrown in there on occasion!!

We went to the kindergarten information night last night. It was pretty informative. I know Jarret has been in French Immersion since Kindergarten but I have been having my doubts about keeping him in it. There was a woman on the panel last night who has 2 sons in FI and she doesn't speak french at home either. She said it was hard for her at first but her boys are doing well. Once they hit grade 4 they start doing english for part of the day and once they get into the higher grades more and more english is introduced. There is a lot more they said.. but I wont bore you all with it.. lol.

But... after the panel did their thing speaking to the room.. It was question time. George and I looked over and our shy little girl (sarcasm here) had her hand up to ask a question too. The principal asked her what her question was and she said in the softest voice..

"How will I know where to thit (she has a lisp) when I go to class?"

There was some laughter..but her question was answered. She was soo cheesed out after. Too cute.

Jarret wanted me to "blog" about his Tamagotchi. He got a Tamagotchi for a going away gift from my family before we moved to TO in the summer. He was super excited about it. He brought it everywhere.. he looked after it.. he LOVED it. When we got here.. we visited dad at work on day.. and Jarret dropped it over a balcony onto the cement below. He cried like he lost his best friend. He was devastated. So we finally bought him a new one last night. And again he is thrilled. So there it is.. I will have to tell him I blogged about it for him.

OMG.. What a long post. Sorry if it bored you to death!! I am now done.. but before I go one more thing


Lata Skata

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our anniversary was pretty quiet. George doesn't get home until about 7:30 or 8:00 so I fed the kids before he got home and made Japanese Chicken with Fried Rice for the two of us. We ate supper together and had a glass of wine. I think by 9 I was ready for bed LOL. We don't do presents usually for our anniversary.. But when he got home he had a card and some bath stuff for me. So nice! Totally unexpected. He's a good boy!! Amy LOVED my smelly bath soap and she HAD to go to the bathroom to use the smelly bar soap. We are constantly reminding and fighting with her to wash her hands after she goes to the bathroom. Maybe the trick is to get fancy soap for her so she will do it on her own??

Tonight is registration night for senior Kindergarten at Jarrets school. I am a bit emotional about it today. I was so excited when she started Junior Kindergarten this fall.. But a bit sad thinking she is starting "real" school this year. She is pretty excited to go to the same school as Jarret. I think that's mostly because she gets to go on the school bus. When we talked about her taking the bus with Jarret she asked if she could sit beside someone else.. She doesn't want to sit with her brother.

6 more sleeps and 7 days!!!

SW 170

1st week 165.5
2nd week 162
3rd week 160
4th week 158.5
5th week 155
6th week 155
7th week 155
8th week 155
9th week 155
10th week 152.5
11th week 151
12th week 151
13th week 150

GW 130

There is the latest rundown on my weight loss. My goal when I started was to get to 130 pounds by March 23, 2007. I honestly don't see that happening but I will still have it as my goal.

Lata Skata